story of a farmer

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Nagappa, a cotton farmer in Nargunda district is facing a severe hit due to the ongoing agrarian crisis. The revenue he makes by selling cotton is going down with every passing year and adding to his dilemma, materials needed for growing cotton (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides) are getting costlier. He is afraid that he is coming closer to the time when he won’t be able to even break-even.


Just like Nagappa, thousands of farmers across the country are in the same position. And with the hope of a better future, Nagappa and farmers like him plan to sow cotton every Kharif season with the hope that the next harvest will bring a better life for them.


“I may grow cotton on fewer acres this year,” says Nagappa, “but I can’t do away with it.”

With the motive of uplifting farming communities of India, we at Gramastha are finding a solution to financial distress by identifying alternative sources of income within farmer communities to help them sustain during the times of crisis.


We have started our pilot project in Paradsinga, a village near Nagpur district. And with this initiative, we aim to support farmer communities in achieving the life of dignity they deserve.